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CV for Ph.D. Applications in USA, Canada, UK, and Europe I 3 Page Ph.D. CV Templates with Cover Letter and Recommendation Letter

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An academic CV is a document used for applying to graduate school, research, or teaching positions, especially for Masters or PhD programs. It’s different from a regular resume used for job hunting.

Academic CVs have a clear layout without fancy designs or pictures. They include sections like publications, research experience, teaching experience, and technical skills, which aren’t usually found in resumes.

Creating an academic CV can be tough because there aren’t many helpful templates online from a student’s perspective. Here, you’ll find a template made by a successful graduate student in the USA, Canada, UK, and Europe.

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✰ Ready to use editable Ph.D. CV

✰ Ready to use editable Ph.D.  Cover Letter

✰ Ready to use editable Recommendation Letter

✰ Extra icons

✰ Ready to use follow up email template

✰ Guide on how to write great Ph.D. Cover Letter

✰ Guide on how to craft nice Ph.D. CV

✰ Step-by-step guide on how to start Ph.D. application

✰ List of 15 hidden websites where you can find Fully Funded Ph.D. position

You’ll Need

✰ A personal computer

✰ Microsoft Word

✰ Word offers a free trial: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/try

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